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While you're here, check out this list of bike shops we work with, our allies, if they are in your city think about buying your Gay's Okay products directly from these shops and help support local business. 


Suicycle, Hamburg

Schweinhund, Berlin

Veloismus, Leipzig

King Kog Brooklyn, NY

718 Cyclery, Brooklyn, NY

Bienvelo, Malmo

Somervelo, Somerville, MA

Thuderfist Cykler, Copenhagen

Fixed Gear Coffee, Maastricht

Bruklene, Riga

Velobia, Helsinki

Omafiets, Sydney 

Funked-Up, Dublin 

Back Alley Bike Repair, Seattle

Jooks, Tallinn

Green Leaf Projects, Kortrijk

Crow Cycle Collective, Berlin

EttEttSex, Stockholm

Urbane Bike, Toronto

Double Clutch, Verona

Bikes4Good, Glasgow

Sun and Air, NY

Muddock, Bristol

Cafecito Papa, Mexico City

C&L Cycle, Montreal

Natural Cycleworks, Winnipeg

Vicious Cycles, Athens